What happens to my cell phone once I sell it?

While many consumers are content to take their money and run after successfully trading in their cell phone, knowing what happens to it after it leaves your hands can be helpful. Knowing the process can help give you the peace of mind you need when buying a used phone of your own.

The cell phone is thoroughly tested

Once a phone has been received by a recycler partner of Cellmefree, an in-house technician will perform a series of tests. These tests will identify any problem areas that need repair. If new parts need to be installed to replace broken ones, the technician will do the repair work. Each phone is restored as close to factory condition as possible so it will be reliable for the next owner for the next year.

The phone is showcased online

Typically, phones that were traded in for cash to recycling companies were later sent to international brokers primarily in Asia or South America. CellMeFree was created with a mission in mind – to keep more devices for consumers in the United States who were searching for affordable technology. In addition to cheaper prices for high quality cell phones, the resale of mobile phones throughout the US also helps to reduce the carbon footprint substantially when compared to the old recycling programs.

Selling used phones is sustainable

When you sell your old iPhone, Galaxy, or Android cell phone you are doing more than just earning money for yourself. You also help create a more sustainable environment that allows others to reuse what you don’t want.

Each mobile phone has a three to five year life cycle. If you only use your cell phone for a year or so at a time, know that it still has a lot of life in it. Selling your phone to CellMeFree can help protect the environment while offering consumers more choices in the spirit of recommerce.

‘Recommerce’, or reverse commerce, is a relatively new term that is used to describe a new trend in consumerism. By reusing what is already available, there is less demand for manufacturing new devices. This saves the world at large 750 pounds of fossil energy, 400 gallons of water, and 60 precious metals. This will have a big impact on your environment for this generation as well as many generations to come. Not only can you put a few dollars in your pocket, but you can feel good about selling your cell phone or iPad to Cellmefree!

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