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To get an immediate trade-in offer, select the brand of your CELL PHONE amongst all major brands like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola. 
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It has never been so easy to sell your old Cell Phone

Whatever the reasons are, you can earn extra cash by selling your old device. With always new products launching, staying up-to-date becomes expensive. Cellmefree can help you find the best deal for your device. Sell your current phone on Cellmefree and get extra cash for your dream phone !

Selling a cell phone or tablet on Cellmefree is easy, just follow these 3 steps :

-Select the device you want to sell and find out how much it is worth
To get an immediate offer, you need first to select the device that you want to sell. Select the brand, model, capacity, color and carrier. You will also need to evaluate its condition, as the buyback value depends highly on it. You can check our cell phone conditions guide to help you get the most accurate offer for your device. Remember, even if you device is broken, you can still sell it on Cellmefree as long as it is a relatively recent model.

-Ship your device
When you accept an offer from our professional buyers, you will receive a prepaid shipping kit within 2 or 3 days. Remember to quickly send in your device as the quote is only valid for 30 days. Electronic buyback value decreases with time.

-Get your cash!
Once we have received and tested your device in our warehouse, we will send your payment in a few days. Get paid with Paypal or check.

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Sell Cell Phone for Cash

Compare top offers for cell phone trade-in from professional buyers. helps you sell your cell phone for the best price, quickly and hassle-free.

Start by selecting your cell phone model to sell. You'll be surprised by the offers you get to sell your used cell phone. You can even sell your cracked, broken and damaged cell phone as well.

What happens when I sell my cell phone?
Once you agree to trade in your cell phone, your professional buyer wil send you a free shipping kit so you can send your device. After you send in your cell phone, your device will be inspected.  As long as it matches your description, the buyer will issue you payment for your cell phone via check or PayPal.

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