How to sell your used cell phone and get the most money

When you sell your used cell phone or tablet you want to make sure you get the most money for the sale as you can! There are many options when it comes to selling or trading-in your cell, so it is important that you compare before selling to find the best buyback offer available to you.

Get multiple offers from professional buyers

A unique benefit of selling your mobile phone or tablet with is the ability to choose from multiple offers from professional buyers. You can compare the offers all in one place, and choose the best to ensure you are always getting the most money for the sale of your phone or tablet.

Compare before you sell your mobile device

Before you pack up your mobile device and ship it off to the first buyback program you find, take some time to compare your options for the best deal. Many cell phone trade-in or buyback programs including Gazelle and uSell spend millions of dollars on television and radio advertisements. This means you have heard about them – but it also means the money they spend on the ads reduces the amount they are able to pay you for your used cell phone.

Cellmefree doesn’t advertise on television or radio – meaning we can usually offer more for your cell phone or tablet because we don’t have a huge advertising budget. Instead of advertising, we prefer winning the hearts and minds of our customers with a great customer experience! In fact, when you compare our offers to other sites, you’ll find Cellmefree provides 30-40% higher buyback prices.

Cellmefree offers the best value for your cell phone or tablet and a great customer experience

Not only do we offer higher buyback prices for your used cell phones, but we’ve selected the most trustworthy recycling companies. You can often sell your old phone even if it isn’t working, since it contains a variety of copper, plastics, and precious metals which can be recycled. Recycling your cell phone or tablet is the better option as it keeps these useful materials, as well as the hazardous materials contained in electronics, out of our landfills.

We have selected the most trusted, professional phone buying companies, rather than an anonymous buyer on some auction website. When you trade in with Cellmefree, you’ll benefit from free shipping (we send you a free shipping kit to mail your device); and quick payment as soon as your cell phone or tablet has been received. It’s a safe way to make some extra money and help protect our environment at the same time.

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Sell your phone on Cellmefree in less than a minute. Compare and get the best cash offer for your old mobile phone. We work with the most trustworthy professional buyers to get you the highest offers for your mobile phone. Free shipping and fast payment included!

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