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What is a Locked AT&T Phone?

A locked phone means your cell phone service provider has a ‘lock’ on your SIM card or phone so that it can only be used by that provider. AT&T phones have a lock policy in place to prevent the phone from being used on the phone networks of other carriers. This software is programmed on all phones sold by AT&T.

AT&T can unlock phones at the request of the phone’s owner. A special code is entered to remove the lock by the phone service provider. However, when there are outstanding bills or due to terms and conditions of the initial service contract, some service providers have the right to refuse unlocking a phone.

How to Unlock an AT&T Cell Phone?

In order to unlock an AT&T phone, there may be additional steps you have to take for a successful ‘unlock’. The phone must not be reported as stolen or lost. Outstanding bills must be paid in full, including any early termination fees the account incurred. Your phone can not currently be listed as active on your AT&T bill. Contact customer service through AT&T to request that your device be unlocked. If you have a locked phone but have never been on AT&Ts network, your request may still be granted but check with an AT&T representative first.

How Can CellMeFree Help with a Locked AT&T Phone?

Some companies will refuse to deal with locked phones and a locked mobile phone may also be very difficult to sell to a private buyer. CellMeFree offers buyback deals for those interested in trading in a phone from AT&T that is still locked. If your AT&T cell phone cannot be unlocked or released by the service provider, we can still work with you to trade in your AT&T phone, but the cash value will be lower than an unlocked phone.

Why Unlock My AT&T Phone?

If you have a locked AT&T phone that you are unable to unlock, we can still work with you on a trade in. However, it is important to note that an unlocked phone will be worth more money. Consumers shopping for a new phone will most often want phones that are unlocked so they will not face obstacles when setting up their phone service with their chosen provider.


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