How does Cellmefree grade used cell phones?

There are people that resist the idea of buying a used cell phone in order to get an upgraded phone. Buying a used mobile phone is both good for the environment and your wallet! You can feel confident in your purchase of a refurbished cell phone with Cellmefree because of our phone grading system.

When people sell their used iPhone or Android phones to us, they are helping to preserve the environment in the long run by keeping these mobile devices out of the trashcan. Buyers then have more options as you can buy used mobile phones at more affordable prices than brand new phones.

If you are considering buying a refurbished cell phone from Cellmefree, it will help to understand the considerations that go into grading the quality of the phones we receive for resale. Each phone also goes through rigorous testing before it is resold, and is offered with a warranty for your peace of mind.

Here is an overview of the grading process on our used cell phones we receive from our customers:

Cosmetic grades

We use three cosmetic grades to assess the physical condition of refurbished phones. These grades include:

Excellent Condition – the device is in perfect or near-perfect condition. The iPhone, Galaxy, Android or other cell phone has been fully tested and is noted to be in full working order.

Good Condition – the mobile device has minimal use and is in great condition. The phone will have very minor hairline scratches or very light scuffmarks on the exterior. It has been fully tested and is in full working order.

Used – the device is in good condition but shows some light scratches or nicks on the exterior frame of the phone. It has been fully tested and is in full working order.

The refurbishing process

All of the cell phones available through Cellmefree are reconditioned and restored to their original condition. As part of our quality assurance process, each used cell phone is thoroughly inspected, tested, and properly cleaned by our Certified Technicians. All phones also receive a secure data wipe, an IMEI/ESN background check, and a sanitation procedure. The Certified Technicians complete a full quality checklist to ensure the phone will both look and work like new when the next person buys it.

The extras

Each phone from Cellmefree is sold only after a full inspection and reconditioning. Once the refurbished cell phone is available for sale, it will also come with a premium assortment of accessories including a phone charger, data USB cable, high-quality earphones (micro and remote) and the latest OS pre-installed by our experts.

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