Choose the actual condition of your phone

When you sell your iPhone or other mobile phone to Cellmefree, it is extremely important to choose the actual condition of your phone. The price you are quoted for your phone is based on the condition of your phone. In order to avoid a delay in receiving your money, it is necessary that you do not overestimate the condition your mobile device is in.

How to estimate the condition of your cell phone?

During the selling process on Cellmefree, you will be asked what condition your phone is in. There are three choices: Excellent, Good, and Used. The better your cell phone’s condition, the more you get paid. Because everyone wants the most money when selling their iPhone, cell phone or tablet, they sometimes overestimate the quality of their device. You don’t want to do this!

Our website will show you exactly how much you will receive when you sell your mobile phone or tablet on – as long as you choose the correct condition of your phone during the selling process.

What happens after you select your cell phone’s condition?

When your Android or other cell phone arrives at Cellmefree, our technicians will evaluate the condition of the phone.

If the evaluation matches your mobile phone’s condition, your payment will be processed shortly.

If you have overestimated the condition, the amount of money you receive for the sale of your old cell phone will have to be adjusted. Unfortunately, this will delay the process of your payment. An email with a revised offer for the sale price of your cell phone will be sent to you for approval. At this time, you can either accept the revised offer for your phone or tablet, and then payment will be issued; or you can request to have the device returned to you if you find the revised offer is unacceptable. You must reply to this email before we can issue a payment for your device.

Overestimating the value of your cell phone will delay payment. It’s always better to carefully select the appropriate condition of your used iPhone, Android, Galaxy, or tablet in order to expedite the process of selling your device and receiving your payment.

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