Buy Used and Reconditioned Apple iPhone 6

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Browse our selection of high-quality used ans reconditioned APPLE iPhone 6 and choose the features you want (Model, Capacity, Color, Condition). You can pick the carrier of your choice or prefer an unlocked iPhone 6
What is the quality of products?

We are proud to sell only high-quality devices.
All our products have been extensively tested by certified technicians and fully re-accessorized (earphones and charger). When you buy a refurbished cell phone on Cellmefree, you are sure to get a device that both works and looks great.

What happens after my purchase?

Once the transaction is completed, our customer service will send you a confirmation email with your package tracking number. We typically ship products within 2-3 business days.

What warranty comes with my purchase?

We are committed to provide you the best quality at the lowest price. If you are not 100% satisfied by your purchase, we offer a warranty return period for all our products.

Is this safe?

You can be confident when you buy a cell phone on Cellmefree.
Products: We perform full IMEI and ESN background checks on all our devices.
Transactions: All the transactions on our website are secured and encrypted via SSL protocol to protect our customers confidential data.
Shipping: We always send a tracking number for each order so you can easily track your package.

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