Advantages of selling a cell phone or tablet on Cellmefree

You have a number of choices when it comes to selling your iPhone, Android, Galaxy or other brand of phone or tablet. You could sell your used mobile devices on Craigslist, eBay, or Amazon. You could sell your cell phones with a service like Gazelle or uSell. Or, you could make the best decision: and sell your mobile phone with Cellmefree. Here’s four advantages of selling your cell phone or tablet on Cellmefree:

Get the Most Money for Your Used Phones

We are a comparison website and we have selected the best recyclers to partner with. You can compare the offers all in one place, and choose the best to ensure you are always getting the most money for the sale of your phone or tablet.

Not only did we select the best recyclers in term of prices but also in term of the customer experience they provide. Our partners are very professional and pay fast.

Sell Used iPhones, Cell Phones, and Tablets with Free Shipping

When you trade-in your cell phone with Cellmefree, you aren’t paying for shipping. We’re going to send you a postage paid package. Simply slide your mobile device into the package, seal, and place in the mailbox! When you sell to individuals or through other phone buyback programs, you are usually paying shipping out of your own pocket, which decreases the amount you earn from the sale of your used cell phone.

It’s Easy to Sell Your Mobile Phones

Selling your iPhone or any other mobile phone can be tricky. Cellmefree has worked hard to make the process of selling your used phones and tablets as simple and painless as possible for you! Visit our website, find your device in the list, choose the condition of your phone and your work is done. No Hassle. We will literally do the rest, including sending you a package to mail your device.

Selling to a Company is Safer than Peer to Peer Market Places

You might think you can get more for your iPhone or Android by listing it for sale on Amazon or eBay, but you are always at risk for non-payment when you sell to individuals. Not only could an individual decide not to pay you for your phone, but if they feel your item isn’t in the condition you said it is, they can complain and leave bad seller feedback, causing problems for you in the future if you ever want to sell anything online again!

Selling to Cellmefree gives you a trustworthy option for selling your phone or tablet, and is much safer than trying to sell your cell phone or iPad to an individual through a peer to peer marketplace.

Best Value

We compare prices from the most trustworthy professional buyers

Safe Trade

Sell your cell phone to professional buyers instead of anonymous users

Free Shipping

Get a free shipping kit to post your device to the chosen recycling company

Quick Payment

Either by check or Paypal as soon as your device has been received


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