About Us

Cellmefree is the first comparison website where you can both buy and sell used cell phones or tablets.

Get instant access to the best offers for your devices

We believe that everyone should be able to get access to the latest technologies at anytime.
Our mission is to provide more flexibility and choice to cell phone users: With always new products launching, staying up-to-date becomes expensive. Thanks to the recent unlocking law, being stuck to a carrier with a 2 years contract is now over. Cellmefree is here to help you pick the offer that better fits your needs and budget.

Choose from high quality and professionally refurbished products

At Cellmefree, we are dedicated to provide our customers the best quality devices at the best price.
We work with a network of professional recyclers to provide high quality refurbished devices: all are rigorously tested and come with a warranty return period.
Selling devices is also a hassle-free process: in few seconds, you can pick the best quote from trusted and professional buyers and get paid in cash. Shipping is always free.

Get more spending less

Because your satisfaction is our priority, our customer service is committed to guide you through every step of the process.
Beyond the money earned or saved by selling or buying a used device, it avoids the manufacturing of a new one.
Making a smartphone needs 400 gallons of water, 750lb of fossil energy and 60 precious materials.
By choosing Cellmefree, you contribute to a greener future while saving money.

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